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Carry cash, not germs.

There’s nothing digital about wallets — they’re meant to be handled. From reaching for credit cards to storing money that has been touched by hundreds of different people to the simple act of opening it, germs have just as much access to your money as you do. You need your wallet to pay for items, but you don’t want to pay the price for harboring unwanted bacteria. That’s why we’ve created the Nightingale antimicrobial wallet sleeve.

The Nightingale antimicrobial wallet sleeve is designed to replace your current wallet. It uses active fiber technology to deliver powerful protection from germs. Embedded with safe, naturally occurring copper bursting with antimicrobial properties, this lightweight sleeve is super-easy to use: just insert your cash, credit cards, or even keys, and our advanced fabric will safeguard them from the bacteria it touches. It easily stretches over anything you’d normally keep in a wallet, and the copper ions won’t fade away, even after repeated washes.

• 9.8 cm. x 6.4 cm.
• Stretches to accommodate credit cards, cash, keys, and more
• Nontoxic
• Zaps germs inside and out
• Cushioned interior for extra protection
• Can be used anywhere
• Washable, reusable and durable
• Leverages EPA-registered technology
• Tested and verified
• Made in the USA

• Black, Tan, Camo