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About Nightingale Antimicrobial Sleeves

Back in 2019, a group of smart, germ-averse people at the Renfro Corporation came together to think about the different ways they might be able to reinforce their already healthy lifestyles. They realized that modern life has us in constant contact with unimaginable amounts of microbes, and the things we use the most are where we have the greatest chance of encountering germs.

They started looking into ways to easily and effectively keep items clean without turning to chemicals.  Because these pioneering germaphobes are also experts in textile technology, they turned their focus to the latest scientific advancements in embedded fibers that use the antimicrobial properties of copper.

Inspired by the forward-thinking hygienic practices of Florence Nightingale, the Nightingale Antimicrobial Sleeves were born. And we’re only getting started. Be sure to check back for new products to safely and effectively protect your personal items from the germs that surround us.