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Why should I have confidence in the Nightingale sleeve's antimicrobial properties?

Our sleeves are created with materials made of cutting-edge fiber technology. Our fiber partner registered its technology with the EPA. In addition, we verify the sleeve's antimicrobial efficacy with an accredited third-party lab that uses a world-recognized antimicrobial test. As a result, Nightingale sleeves pass with flying colors. Also, there are no nanoparticles!

How does this technology zap germs?

Copper ions embedded in the sleeve attract microbes that come in contact with ions on the sleeve. The charge of the copper ion essentially zaps and punctures the cell wall. The cell leaks nutrients and organelles, which cuts off the microbe's food and energy supply. DNA and RNA cannot reproduce. The cell cannot function and dies.

Will the sleeve continue working after lots of wear?

The ionic technology is extruded into the fibers, which means it is embedded in the fabric's fibers. As long as care and wash instructions are followed, the copper ion fiber technology will continue to work, even after frequent use.

Can I carry the sleeves in my pocket or a small purse?

It fits snugly onto phones, glasses, or credit cards and quickly travels with you anywhere. It's small, lightweight, flexible, and easily storable. 

Will the sleeve fit my phone device?

The sleeve has a degree of stretch, which means it fits most phone sizes.  

Can the sleeve damage my phone screen or lenses?

No, the sleeve should not damage your phone screen or lenses. Sleeve interiors are constructed to be soft and cushioned. If anything, the sleeve will add another layer of light protection to your goods.

How do I use the sleeve?

Just slide your phone, glasses, or credit cards into the sleeve. One end is open, and the other end is closed. Just shimmy your device, glasses, or cards into the open end. The open end has a welt that gives a slight cinching effect to the sleeve. Still … take care not to let your items fall out of the open end! Keep the open end of the sleeve pointed up.

What is the Nightingale Safe Seal?

When you see the seal, you know your sleeve is made with the real thing. Nightingale does not use biocides, which are antimicrobial liquid washes that wear off. Our sleeves have been tested by the International Antimicrobial Council and easily passed standardized antimicrobial testing.

Where are Nightingale Antimicrobial Sleeves made?

Nightingale sleeves are proudly made in the USA. The fibers are sourced, and the sleeves are manufactured in the United States. Another reason to trust the brand.

Can I customize the Nightingale sleeve for gifts or swag?

Nightingale will consider co-branded opportunities. Contact us at or (855) 655-8137 to chat about marketing possibilities, minimum orders, and pricing.  

Can I wash my Nightingale antimicrobial sleeve?

The embedded copper in the fiber will last for the life of the product. Just follow the care instructions on the packaging. We recommend washing by hand and line drying. Do not use fabric softeners.  

How long does it take to remove germs?

The fiber technology is continuously active. It begins working on microbes in contact on the sleeve immediately. It never quits working, even if you're resting.  

You say it has copper. Does it have metal?

The sleeve's fiber technology contains copper ions. It does not have conductive metallic properties. Therefore, the fibers do *not* contain metallic copper. That means you will not wreak havoc around MRI machines, TSA screening machines, or other things sensitive to metals.